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Enjoy from a totally new perspective unforgettable views, not easy to describe and above all: a balloon exclusivly for you! Discover Friuli Venezia Giulia beautiful landscapes and panoramas.

Esclusive Hot Air Balloon tour

A wonderful opportunity for all special occasions! Share with your partner the unbelievable view of the world form an hot air balloon. Floating on air is not just a unique experience beyond words and relaxing at the same time away from daily stress and noises (from 600 to 1000 meters).
Esclusive hot air balloon tour will also fly low and silent over woods, villages and lakes. The hot air balloon floats on air pushed gently by the wind.

Pilot will assist you for the whole flight duration (about 60 minutes). In the sky, a prosecco toast will be offered, followed by the baptism of the air (a tradition that binds the passengers to the wind). After landing, you’ll receive the “balloon certificate of first flight”.

volo esclusivo in mongolfiera friuli

Upon request, hot air balloon can be set up with banners or flowers according to the occasion. In case of bad weather, the experience will be postponed to the next day, or the day after (to be established within a short period of max 1/2 weeks).

DEPARTURE AREA Friuli Venezia Giulia.
TIME OF DEPARTURE Sunrise flights starts at 6:00am. Sunset flights starts from 6:00pm.
DURATION Tour flight will last 60 to 70 minutes (wind).
TOTAL TIME About 2 hours from departure.
PRICE from 990 up to 3 passengers.
WEAR / OUTFIT Wear confortable shoes and clothes according to season.
Hot air Balloon and Certified Pilot
Prosecco Toast. Mini bus transportation
grup flights from 149€ per person.
Meals (possible on request)

Book with us! This activity has 6 months validity time. For more information: (+39) 389.651.4885

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