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Freeride Camp – Sella Nevea is an entry level course on freeride skiing for those who have already mastered the slopes. The goal is to become good skiers in off-piste situations by choosing our lines to find the best snow minimizing risk.

Entry level freeride camp in Sella Nevea

Sella Nevea is a freeride paradise. Located in an area among the snowiest in Europe, the location has often broken snow records, always guaranteeing a snowfall pattern that has proved stubbornly copious even when the rest of the Alps has suffered.
The terrain is quite unique: the Canin rock moon-like dunes become in the winter a gigantic snow park. An unrelenting vertical continuity, which allows for true skiing fall lines in every direction, is coupled with milder slopes, making the area around Sella Nevea an authentic freeride and backcountry arena for any rider level.

Freeride course content:

  • Exercises on the slopes focusing on the freeriders necessities.
  • Short intro to ski touring hiking up easy routes on the slovenian side of the ski resort.
  • Intro to snow science, how to read the avalanche bulletins as well as choosing your line and reading the terrain.
  • Snow stability test and decision making.
  • Notions on the safety equipment and their use in avalanche scenarios as well as search and rescue.
If the snow conditions are insufficient the classes will be postponed to a date suitable for both teacher and student.
LOCATION Sella Nevea – (UD)
COURSE HOURS Starts at 08:45 to 12:00.
PRICE 120€ per person.
WEAR Ski Equipment, helmet and googles.
Freeride certified intructor 5 days course
Equipment rent
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Freeride camp Sella Nevea - 5 lessons course

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