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Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight (sailplane) is probably the closest thing any human will come to feeling like a bird. Powered only by gravity and air currents, these gliders move silently through the sky, often for hours at a time. Because they have no engines, gliders or sailplanes can be thought of as pure flying vehicles, staying aloft by balancing the forces of gravity, lift, drag, and thrust.

Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight

Your experience starts with the qualified instructor giving you a pre-flight briefing which will enable you to understand how the glider is capable of stay airborne for long period of time. Lift, the force that directly opposes gravity, comes from the force of the air on the underside of the wing. In a sense, a sailplane is very similar to a roller coaster.

Both are towed up high and released. They begin to fall and the force of gravity gets them going. Unlike a roller coaster, which continuously loses height, a sailplane can also gain elevation by riding rising currents of air.

Sailplane flight

Known as thermals, these localized updrafts are caused by air being heated by the warm ground below. When a glider hits a thermal,  it can fly for hours at a time. We suggest Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight also to make a wonderful gift.

If the weather is unsafe for any reason, the experience will be postponed. For more information and booking details please contact us.

DEPARTURE LOCATION San Mauro di Premariacco – UD
DEPARTURE TIME Best flying hours from 10:00am to 16:00pm.
DURATION Approximately 1 hour of thermal flight
PRICE 150€ per person
WEAR/OUTFIT Comfortable clothing
Professional pilot.
Safety equipment and pre-fligh instructions.
Video (optional)

Book with us! This activity has 6 months validity time. For more information: (+39) 389.651.4885

Glider Aircraft Thermal Lift Flight

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