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Sightseeing Flight Tour – Pilot for one day, panoramic Flight Tour for families and groups up to 3 passengers. You will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Colli Orientali landscape on board of Maule MX-07 aircraft. During the tour, assisted by the pilot, you’ll have the chance to try some maneuvers as well.

Sightseeing Flight Tour – Pilot for one day

Share with your family or loved ones the experience of Sightseeing Flight Tour. You will take a seat in the aircraft and enjoy the thrill of being propelled into the air and taken on a panoramic tour. Choose a specific area to explore on the spot according with the pilot.

When you arrive at the airfield, 30 minutes before take off, you will be asked to check in. You’ll then receive a safety briefing from the ground staff. After your briefing you will choose with the pilot the best route to travel to. From Duino to Grado, Lignano and Palmanova to discover Mont Matajur,  Mont Canin, Mont Zoncolan or Cavazzo’s Lake.

Sightseeing Flight Tour

In addition to short flights, longer routes are also available, with about half a day commitment. The routes you choose are towards Lake Garda, with lunch at the Asiago restaurant area and Bled Lake in Slovenia with lunch in the village.

Board the aircraft with your family and friends, enjoy the flight tour over Friuli Venezia Giulia most amazing areas. Flight up to 3 passengers from 30 minutes up to 4 hours of panoramic flight tour.

In case of bad forecast tour will be postponed and re-organized. For more information and booking details please contact us.

 DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION San Mauro di Premariacco – UD, Italy.
TIMETABLES Time for departure can be agreed with the pilot at time of reservation.
DURATION – 30 minutes | 1 hour panoramic flight over Friuli
– half-day (3 hours) at Bled’s Lake (SLO)
– half-day (4 hours) at Garda’s Lake (VEN)
PRICE 180€ | 300€  30 minutes | 1 hour flight
750€ at Bled’s Lake
1000€ at Garda’s Lake
WEAR/OUTFIT Comfortable according to season
Professional pilot and instructor
Safety equipment
Food and drinks (meals included only at Lago di Garda and Lago di Bled)

Book with us! This activity has 6 months validity time. For more information: (+39) 389.651.4885

Sightseeing Flight Tour

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 3 reviews
20 April 2017

Perfect for all ages! The flight was stunning and very calm! Highly recommended

3 February 2017

Amazing people and amazing views of Friuli!

8 October 2016

Seeing this region from above is a must. Worth the cost!

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