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A unique experience for all your senses to enjoy: Sleddog! Jump on the sled pulled by snowdogs, get the action and practice that will let you feel like a real musher!

Sleddog – Fusine Lakes

Have you ever heard of mushing? It’s a sport or transport method involving a sled pulled by a pack of dogs, and before the snowmobile it was the only way, in Nordic countries, to reach neighboring villages covering huge distances on the frozen land.

The person guiding the sled is called a “musher” and the pack of dogs can be formed by two or more dogs, up to twenty, each one with its specific role.

sleddog fusine tarvisio

You will learn the basics and the fundamental commands to practice this activity in complete connection with the snowdogs, always followed by the guide.

There will be an introduction lesson before the actual trip begins, then you will ride for about one and a half hours passing through the forests and valleys around the Fusine lakes of Tarvisio (UD).

We recommend this outing for everyone, but remember it will require some effort as the dogs don’t do all the work, and you will have to learn the commands and movements needed to guide the sled!

We advise to wear the necessary clothing for this cold season as well waterproof boots, and bring your adventurous spirit that will lead you into this magical experience in perfect harmony with the snow and these amazing dogs. Groups of minimum two people and maximum 3. Each person guiding their own sled.

LOCATION Fusine, Tarvisio (UD)
BOOKING Everyday on reservation, 2 person min.
PRICE 100€ per person.
WEAR Winter wear. Comfortable water proof shoes, trekking.
Musher guide Alaskan Husky. Full equipment
Winter wear
Boots – Shoes.

Hotel Il Cervo - Tarvisio
Hotel Il Cervo – Tarvisio


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