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Snow has arrived, ready for the weekend? Enjoy your day out while Snowshoeing noborders Italy! Various routes between Fusine, Sella Nevea and the Triglav Park! We recommend the activity to all those who want to enjoy a little ‘fresh air among snowy landscapes! Medium-easy hiking tours also suitable for beginners. The price is inclusive of snowshoes and sticks.

Snowshoeing noborders Italy

The best activity for a day in the snow! These snowshoes tours are suitable for adults and groups. The itineraries see the area of ​​Sella Nevea and the Fusine Lakes. Medium-easy routes with a vertical drop of about 500m (maximum altitude 1520m). In these types of tours, given their duration, it is not recommended to involve children under 10/12 years (link to the Snowshoes for families).

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We recommend bringing with a hot tea or water plus a small snack (or packed lunch). Wear comfortable and warm clothe suitable for the season. In particular technical footwear, is recommended as much as possible.

Any boots or trekking boots must be waterproof and suitable for winter temperatures. The classic moon-boots are not recommended as they are not suitable for snowshoe footwear and especially for the type of activity.


  • Snowshoeing upon the Jôfs. Departure at 9.30 in Sella Nevea at Rifugio Div. Julia.
    6 h, alt.max 1520m, 500v.m. (packed lunch)
    Peculiarities: walking below the chain of Mount. Jôf Fuart and Jôf di Montasio.
    December 10 , January 28 2018

  • Snowshoeing Lago di Fusine. Meeting at 19.00  at the Edelweiss hut at the lower Fusine lake.
    Excursion of 3 h, max. 1100m. Difficulty: medium / 100 meters difference in height. (packed lunch)
    Peculiarities: snowshoe hikes from the enchanting alpine lakes to the majestic Mangart basin.
    30 December, 27 January, 17 February 2018

  • Snowshoeing on the slopes of Triglav. 9:30am, Ratece borders.
    5 hours with 450 v.m. Alt Max. 1200m.
    In the Triglav National Park, a snowshoe hike to discover the landscapes of the hidden Val Krnica.
    28 December, 18 February


  • Ascent to Zacchi. Meeting at 10.00 am Upper Lake of Fusine.
    6 hours excursion, max. 1400m. 900 vertical meters. (packed lunch)
    In the Mangart basin we will climb to the Zacchi refuge, enjoying the view from the hut Ponze and the Forest of Tarvisio.
    30 December, 27 January 2018

  • Mali Golak or Path of the Turks. Meeting point daytime at 9.30 am, at 6.00 pm both at the Casa Rossa pass in Gorizia.
    Excursion of about 4 hours, max. 1100m. 300 vertical meters. (packed lunch)
    20 January 2018

  • Snowshoeing into Triglav. 9:30 am at Ratece borders (Fusine).
    5 hours , 450 vertical meters. Alt Max. 1200m.
    In the Triglav National Park, a snowshoe hike admiring landscapes of the hidden Val Krnica.
    28 December, 18 February

  • Snowshoeing Towards the summit of Mount Nevoso. 8:30 Opicina. Duration 6 hours with 500 vertical meters. Alt Max. 1800m.
    A wonderful view from the mountain to the sea.
    January 21st

LOCATION Sella Nevea and Fusine
CALENDAR dates per itinerary
PRICE 20€ per person (booking available)
WEAR / OUTFIT Suitable for the winter season. Required shoes resistant to water or trekkers.
Professional outdoor Nature Guide Snowshoe and stick rental
Winter wear
Winter shoes or gloves

Book with us! Snowshoeing noborders Italy has 6 months validity time. For more
information: (+39) 389.651.4885.

Snowshoeing noborders Italy, Friuli venezia Giulia Alps

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